Welcome to INDEEA

Ko Aham?- Aham Bramhasi:
This question & answer is extracted from the Veda. We in INDEEA try to help human kind to find out their ‘Self’ & the ‘Thoughts’. One can start his or her successful career; make peaceful & peaceful life with us.

INDEEA is a project for the development of mankind from schools to colleges, from corporate to the social. At the right time at right place with the right authority one can make his career & reach to the prosperity, only if he uses some superfluous skills. We INDEEA pour those skills through our Mission & Vision.

Mission "Budhhiryasya Balam":
Our Mission is to make aware, feel attentive & act with conscientiousness regarding the inherent skills, qualities & development of human behavior..

Vision: Here Insight Knowledge Gets Imparted Wisdom
Hence we work on, "Wit Is Lighter Than Wisdom & Heavier Than Knowledge.".

What INDEEA is?
INDEEA means International Development of Excellent Education Academy. INDEEA works on its Vision & Mission. We strive to achieve the ultimate goal set by the individual with the help of inbuilt skills called as soft-skills & employ ability. We help to find out the potential skills, nurture them, & care for making flourishing & winning life. We monitor through Training, Psychometric testing, & personality development workshops. We develop solutions for all parts of the society. In short we work from K.G. to P.G. & beyond that too..

What INDEEA Does?
We are driven by our own passion to groom the individual in all walks of life. To present & project confidently, INDEEA strives with its different skillful & life oriented programs. Our main thrust is to impart the insight knowledge so that Individual can understand the cost of wisdom..

How INDEEA Does?
We have specialized programs on imparting knowledge e.g. soft-skills development, personality enhancing programs from academic to corporate e.g. Presentation Skills, Grooming, Manners & etiquettes, Communication skills etc..

In recent years by considering the need of the society, we also take initiative in the field of Good Parenting. INDEEA’s one of the wing is engaged to provide you tailor-made or customized programs too.

Goals & Objectives of the Organisation
Asha foundation’s INDEEA project is working in educational sector since last 5 years with the mission "Brain power is the mightiest power". Work area of organization is Maharashtra.
Main objects of the organization are
  • Employability skill development.
  • Education for the students of Rural & Tribal area.
  • Health & civics responsibility.
  • The organization deals with the softskill development training course , Psychometric testing , career testing & counseling , monthly publication "Abhineet".
  • We conduct training programs for schools, colleges and corporate sector about presentation skill, grooming, manners & etiquettes, communication skill , interview technique, parenting etc.