Psychometric Test

Sr. NoType Of TestName Of TestAge GroupApplicationTime Of Test
1 IQ Test MISIC (Malins Intelligence Scale for Indian Children.) 6-15 Years To measure Intelligent quotient , to identify learning disability and to identify cognitive problems (e.g. memory ,attention, concentration, perception etc.) 2:30 Hour
2 IQ Test Binet Kamat Test Of Intelligence. Above 3 Years To measure Intelligent quotient and educational assessment. 2 Hour
3 IQ Test Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM) 8-18 Years To measure Intelligent quotient and cognitive abilities (problem solving, logical thinking ,observation) 35-45 Minutes
4 IQ Test Cattles Culture Fair Test of Intelligence. 7-14 Years To measure Intelligent quotient , Mathematical and technical problem solving and measure how to use skills , knowledge and experience . 30 Minutes
5 Personality Tests 16 PF - Cattle’s 16 Personality Factors 18 Years and Above 1]This test is helpful to identify their potentials, academic, emotional and social problems. ( e.g. Interpersonal skills , Personality , Attitude ).2]Provide information for general vocational guidance; help to determine occupations for which the individual is best suited.3]Assist with personnel selection and career development.4]Help to identify personality factors that may predict marital compatibility and satisfaction. 35-50 Minutes
6 Personality Test CPQ (Children Personality Questionnaire) 8-12 Years Help for predicting and evaluating children’s behavior and personality features. (e.g. Weather a child is outgoing , emotionally stable, shy , conscientious , assertive etc.) 50 Minutes
7 Aptitude Test DAT (Differential Aptitude Test) Battery 14-17 Years Use for personnel and career Assessment , to Identify strengths and weaknesses related to successful job performance for better future 3 Hours
8 Interest Test M.N.Palsane’s Interest Inventory Test 14- 18 Years Use to examine interest , skills and values and to evaluate career possibilities. 30 Minutes
9 Study Habits Inventory M.N. Palsane’s Inventory 13-23 Years Use to measures study behaviors, study skills, strategies or techniques. Identify student’s need of additional help for study and also provide a better awareness of student’s strengths and weaknesses in learning. 50 Minutes