Girish Kulkarni

Girish V. Kulkarni
Project Director (BCS & MCM)
Multi-veracity personality with 18+ years experience in administration, PRO & training. He is the man of words. He himself narrates the successful story of the life ushering his name as GK. (General Knowledge.) He is always go-getter with his team. Girish is having wide experience of participating in many motivational, managerial, planning oriented seminars. His keen interest & the devoted work style towards the Vyakti Vikas had generated enormous amount of Diamonds in the corporate field. Modus Vivindi: He works on the line saying," Keeping concentration on the development of the team working around us will pay you double what you expect than that." Modus Operandi: We should always works on the principle of, take the pleasure of getting world wiser, & share the benefit of our extra skills.

Sujata Borkar

Sujata Borkar
(B.Sc. , MCM, MBA-HR, G.D.C & A)

A multi talented lady in a group who believes in Mental Strength is always above all the strengths. Education is her passion. She knows honesty, discipline && hard work are the key point required for achieving success. Very rare qualities of best teacher she possess of being very Soft, Sweet and soothing at heart. She is one of the strongest pillars of INDEEA. She bags 14 years experience of working as Manager and trainer in various organizations. She has been teaching various computer related subjects e.g. Oracle, C, C++, Windows, Ms Office, Tally etc. She has vast interest in reading , writing and listening to music. She is a good anchor too.

Presently working in Asha Foundation's INDEEA as a Jalgaon Branch Manager from last 3 years.

Worked for 1 year in Dhanaji Nana College as a lecturer.
In Jalgaon Janata Training Centre as a Manager for 9 years.
In All India Radio Jalgaon centre as an announcer for 1 year.

Extra Activities:
  • Worked as examiner of the course "Certificate Course in Book Keeping & Accountancy" at NMU, Jalgaon.
  • Delivered a lecture on "Softskill Development" to the employees of Balwant Patsanstha, Jalgaon.
  • Attend a seminar on VAT of Vyapari Mitra Publication, Pune
  • Successfully completed "VANI CERTIFICATE COURSE" at All India Radio Jalgaon Center.
Vasudha Shigawan

Ms. Vasudha Shigawan

Vasudha Shigawan a very young and dynamic lady in the group working as a psychologist from April 2013. She has done M.A. in Counselling psychology, PG Diploma in School Psychology from Jnana Prabodhini, Pune. Mother at heart. Has very loving attitude towards children and believes that children can be developed as good human being if proper care and love is given to them.

She worked as a counselor and facilitator on Comprehensive Children Development Programme in Jnana Prabodhini Institute, Pune. Also Worked with K.E.M. Hospital research Centre, Pune as Psychologist for 4 months.
Worked With Eklavya NGO on P.M.C. Project 'Gharata' which is designed for the welfare of street children.
Worked as counselor for 'Apayashatun.Yashakade' helpline held by 'Sakal' and 'Academy of Personality Development' 2007.
She successfully carried out three Asha Balvikas shibir and one Asha Nivasi shibir at Jalgaon.