Fort making competition- Fort making competition is useful & inspirational for study of History
- Mr. Pankaj Jain, Trader, Jalgaon
Fort making competition- Fort making competition gave platform to participant to enhance & display their skill in the field of Art, History & construction. It is useful to study the historical events.
- Prof. Deepak Wani, Mumbai
Seminar on Sujan Palakatwa- By participating in seminar on subject Sujaan Palakatwa I am aware of importance of education as well as how to face difficulty in life regarding student – parent relationship.
- Vaibhav Patil, Farmer
Seminar on Sujan Palakatwa- All points discussed in session Sujaan Palakatwa is very useful for me while working as a teacher. It give me direction about how to behave & teach to the student in their growing age as well as communicate frequently with their parents about it.
- Mrs. Kamini Jawale, Teacher
Stress Free 10th / 12th - The lecture is useful for me to know my strength & weakness & to set my goal in life.
- Pallavi Koli, Student
Stress Free 10th / 12th- This lecture is inspirational for me & gives confidence to become successful in life.
- Neha Phalke, Student
Industrial Training- Industrial training on leadership subject is very nice. Thanks to Asha Foundation for organizing such a life changing program.
- Gajanan Patil, Job, Kiran Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd., Jalgaon
Industrial Training- Lecture on subject Leadership is motivational for me. I used to improve my work as well as incorporate new idea in it.
- Kishor Bari, CNC Operator, Kiran Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd., Jalgaon
Industrial Training- Training on subject Communication skill helps me to understand how to communicate & behave with people as well as take care of them.
- Nilesh Patil, Job , Kamal Dyes & Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd., Jalgaon
Softskill Development Workshop- Participation in training workshop conducted at our J T Mahajan Polytechnic Faizpur Dist Jalgaon is life changing experience for me. I learned various things like problem solving decision making , Group discussion etc. My confidence level increased & it is helpful for me in future.
- Vaibhav Talele
Softskill Development Workshop- Softskill training workshop organized by Asha Foundation is inspirational for me. Subject taught by Girish Kulkarni sir like interview technique & Communication skill help me to get job in future. I think it will also organize again in my college as well as in other institutions also.
- Divya Tayde, Govt. ITI, Achalpur Dist Amaravati
Softskill Development Workshop- Overall arrangement & activities taken in session is good and interested. It helps to improve the personality & life.
- Sujata Sonawane, MCA , North Maharashtra University
Softskill Development Workshop- I improve my knowledge & confidence required for decision making.
- Pramod Chaudhari, MSC ( IT ), North Maharashtra University
Softskill Development Workshop- Trainer’s team is excellent. Duration of workshop should be increased.
- Nayana More, MSc ( CS ), North Maharashtra University
Softskill Development Workshop- State level Skill Development Competition is very necessary for all student.
- Dr. Ashok Bari, Principal, Govt. ITI, Jalgaon)
The soft skill development course has provided me with a lot of confidence. Now I can work with a positive attitude and communicate better.
- Akash Valvi, ITI Fitter Trade Course
The course has imbibed certain positive habits in me, I have become a much better listener and now I can speak with a lot of confidence. The course has changed my behavior in a much positive way and this has helped me in my studies too.
- Vijay Kumar, ITI Fitter Trade Course
I attended the Interview technique workshop, now I can face any interview confidently while covering subject knowledge as well as behavioral aspects. The course has provided me immense confidence and today I can talk to others confidently.
- Aditya Gawali, ITI Fitter Trade Course
The course has helped me get a job in a Xerox company in Aurangabad with a monthly salary of Rs 6000/-.
- Vijay Mane Dattatray, ITI Fitter Trade Course
I have learned how to communicate and speak along with the proper body language.
-Ramdas Borade, ITI Fitter Trade Course
After attending the Soft Skill lecture I am now able to make conversations with confidence. I have also learned various manners and etiquettes, which is helping me at every stage of my life.
- Pradip Pawar, ITI Welder Trade Course
I consider myself lucky to have attended this joyful and meaningful workshop. It was really interesting and knowledgeable.
- Pooja Bhalerao, ITI Wireman Trade course
The Soft Skill Lecture was quite unique and helps me in my daily studies.
- Krishna Rajendra Pantavan
After participating in this workshop, today I can choose any competitive examination and can face any interview confidently .
- Sachin Ramdas Nagare – ITI Wireman Trade Course
It was really magic for me, as this workshop helped me to understand myself, helped me to communicate properly and last but not least it also helped me understand mathematics.
- Sachin Baban Zanjhe, ITI
The Lecture was awesome, now I can use it as tool for my brighter future.
- Datta Jadhav, ITI Student
The Lecture was miracle to me, it taught me purpose of my life, it also taught me how to enjoy life and how to remove hurdles. Due to this I can understand the external and internal behavior of a person. Now I know the meaning of Dress and Uniform.
- Suresh Zanjhe, ITI Fitter Trade Course
This Course helped me change my entire thought process.
- Yogesh Suresh Shelke, ITI  MR & TV course
The Interview Techniques changed my life and made me extremely confident.
- Kiran Marati Kakade, ITI Fitter Trade Course Apprentice CKMIS Company
This lecture helped me to plan my career accordingly. Now I am in a position to make my own decisions.
- Akash Nilkantha Thorve, ITI
The course was extremely beneficial for my daily work in the company.
- Rakesh Shinde, - ITI Fitter Trade Course
I think it’s a complete package for personality development and career planning. It definitely helps you to study and memorize for success in any examinations.
- Rushikesh Ravindra Bhosale, ITI
For me it’s Midas-Touch, before attending the workshop I was average minded person who barely secured 60% marks. After attending this workshop now my confidence got a boost-up and I secured 80% marks. It also taught me how to concentrate more on each subject.
- Omkar Sunil Sutar – ITI MSCB Electrician (Apprentice)
The Interview Technique was really fantastic, I have learned much than I thought.
- Amar Sarjerao Sepkal, ITI (Fitter)
This Soft Skill Lecture helped me to shape my career. I have also learned the non verbal communication used in interviews and presentation.
- Garvare Wad-drops,  Vai – 20 Days.
The lecture was thoughtful and resourceful and I understood the human behavior patterns, the types of communication and way of presentation with keeping time sense alert.
- Dipak Jaywant Chavhan, ITI Chemical Technology Course
I liked the Goal Setting and Communication Skill lectures. Due to this now I am able to set my own goal and learned how to work accordingly.
- Kiran Jagannath Sanas, ITI Rubber Technician Course
After attending the workshop I understood the system of basic Communication. I have also learned the Skills for effective communication and its impact on human behavior.
- Akshay Mandhare, ITI S.M.W
After attending this workshop now I am concentrating on my studies. It also helped me to collect the information and knowledge on various subjects from the external world. Finally it helped to foster my presentation skills and eye contact
– Shailesh D.Hendre, ITI Electrician Final Year
I am thankful to Girish Sir for helping me with my weaknesses and understand my strengths.  I belong to the sales sector, where you have to appear and speak confidently. After attending the workshop I feel smart and confident.
– Akhilesh Dilip Toplewar, ITI B.A. 1st year (Wholesale Medical work)
I was lucky who have attended the lecture, as now I can concentrate more on my studies, I have improved my style of speaking and presenting myself.
- Avinash Rathod, B.A. and ITI passed with 75%
I am thankful to Girish Sir; I was one of the lucky ones who got selected for job at TCS Call centre, Pune.   Now I will carry all the knowledge delivered at the workshop and will use it for my future.
- Vaibhav . D. Suryawanshi
I have attended the workshop and liked the Interview techniques and study techniques. The techniques will help me achieve my goal.
- Gaurav Rathod, ITI Student Completed B.A. Graduation/ Appearing Master Degree
The teaching and ability founding of a student is perfectly appropriated. This I AM test and counseling is very revolutionary and important.
- Piyush Chopda
I liked this ’ I AM Test’ very much. INDEEA, it wasn’t like those tests which I faced previously and it gave me an opportunity to know myself.
- Darshil Khandhar
I Would Like To Suggest That Session Like Should Be Arranged And Help Us To Improve Ourselfs.
- Preeti Ajaykumar Tayade
Plase Arranged Such Training Workshop Our Institute Or In Our Distric Atleast Twice In A Year.
- Shaikh Subiya Farhat Md Salim
Yes I Am Satisfied No Suggest Because Of Trainers Over All Quality Is Perfect.
- Firake Kanhaiya
Exam was good set uped and there are many questions asked relative to study also.
- Mayur More
I liked this Test very much, and this is needed for this phase of confusion time.
- Aaditi Chaudhari
Yes, There Is More Imformation Take In Session Or More Better Performance.
- Khakare Rupali Namdev
No Suggessions Will Be Give. I Am Satisfied This Session.
- Madhuri D. Patil
You Are Best, You Have To Be Better Than The Best.
- Nilesh S. Bansode
It was very nice and I come to know what should I chose in future.
- Khushboo Jain
It was interesting test a lit-bit lose but result is exactly perfect.
- Vinita Kotecha
It was a good test, it helped me to evaluate my self very nicely.
- Kushal Bhancali
I had enjoyed in solving problem and I am interested in solving examples.
- Abhishek Sawarkar
I liked it , it’s my pleasure to come here.
- Aechana Ladhe
I Am Satisfied With This Lecture.
- Patil Sapna Padmakar
No Overall Is Perfect.
- Vidya Ramchandra Sharma
It was very nice and encouraging.
- Aditi Kankariya
No Overall Is Perfect.
- Patil Kishor Anand
It is helpful to choose my carrier and will help for my farther future .Thank you
- Saral Chopda