Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Innovation Centre

VISION : Discovering the Innovators, Researchers and Scientists in the society.
MISSION : Exploring ideas and make things to happen for betterment of the society. / Finding originality from the society and encourage them to make things to happen for betterment of the society.
  • To promote innovation and creativity in every sector
  • To provide hands on experience & foster Project Based Learning.
  • To explore talents in modern science for betterment of society.
  • To make aware the society about challenges in life.
  • Innovative Idea Contest ( Kalpanechi IDEA )
    • Selecting idea for Project.
    • Mentorship for the Project.
    • Funding for the Project.
  • Talent Hunt Competition
  • Motivational experience sharing workshops
  • Special lectures on Innovation & Creativity
  • Inviting innovators to demonstrate their creative ways of making things
  • Creativity from Scrap
  • Make and Remake (Tod-Fod-Jod) – Experiment and Explore possibilities from ‘Stuff’ like old computers, broken kitchen gadgets, toys or everyday objects.
  • Arranging Innovation fairs
  • Felicitating by awards to innovators.
  • Starting and running Innovation Clubs in Schools and Colleges
    • Group exposure or sessions of 2-3 hours for school students of every class twice in a year.
    • Registration of students as ‘Innovative Club Member’ & allow them to work on innovative projects or participate in activities.
    • Periodic activities & Competitions to keep the enthusiasm alive.
    • Periodic interactions of the students with mentors.
    • Workshops which will encourage students to think & act on their ideas.
    • Periodic film shows.
    • Encouraging students to make use of available resources for hands on experience and clear the concepts of science.
    • Guidance for finding out the innovative solutions for solving everyday problem.
Institutional Membership : Any educational institute / Company / Trust can be institutional member of the centre. The organization becoming member before 31st August 2017, need not to pay any fees and their membership will be ended on June 2018. Institute wishing to be member of the centre from 1st September will have to pay yearly membership fees of Rs. 3000/-.
Individual Membership : Any person can be individual member of the centre. Ordinary member will have to pay Annual membership of Rs. 1000/-. If somebody wants to become life member of the centre, will have to pay life membership fees of Rs. 8000/- (for 10 years).
Student Membership : Any student learning school grade to post-graduate can be student member of the centre. The student wishing to be member before 31st August, need not to pay any fees and their membership will be ended on June 2018. Student wishing to be the member of the centre from 1st September will have to pay membership fees of Rs. 300/- per year for school children and Rs. 500/- for College students.
Invitee Member : There will be some Institutions, Individuals and students who can be Invitee member of the centre. It’s proud for the organization if they have accepted the membership.
  • As a member you will benefit from the chance to attend events, networking opportunities and the opportunity to become part of an innovation community.
  • Our membership is designed to give them the skills, confidence & knowledge which they need to take their idea step ahead towards innovation.
  • Our member will get special concessions for the paid workshops organized by Centre.
  • Member will get access to the library of the centre.
  • Member will get support and mentorship for their idea to flourish.